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The finished article: Eastbourne’s Spy Glass

There are many uses for a UK Turntables Ltd product, beyond driveway turntables and photographic booths. And one turntable has been used in an exciting regeneration project at Eastbourne Beach this year, working with JaK Studio on their Spy Glass hut. With work on the project complete, we can now bring you some amazing shots…

Our completed showroom

Earlier this year, we brought you some pictures of the progress made on our showroom at our Cheshire offices. We’re delighted to say that the showroom is now up and running! Check out these pictures of the offices, complete with a photographic booth.

What size turntable do you need?

There is a common misconception that biggest is best when it comes to driveway turntables, but different diameters suit different vehicles. For instance, a 6m turntable might not be the best option if it is only to be used with smaller cars. However, we can offer a guide on which of UK Turntables Ltd’s products…