How to light a 360° photographic booth

How to light a 360° photographic booth

While this is not a definitive specification on lighting a 360° photographic booth, we – at dealer360 – have worked with hundreds of clients over the years with the aim of achieving a suitable environment for capturing high quality images at a high volume.

Diffused or direct?

Diffused light is where a material is positioned between the light source and the object being photographed. This spreads the light intensity and gives a soft light.

By contrast, direct light simply sees the lights shone directly onto the vehicle.

Either can be achieved using our image booths, where LED floodlights are mounted on adjustable brackets on top of the booth walls.

Why diffused?

To diffuse light at dealer360, we cover the entire booth with a white nylon translucent panel. The lights, positioned above, then shine through the panel onto the car below.

This crucially ensures there are no intense reflections seen in the paintwork of the car – as there would be with direct light – while, as mentioned above, the light is evenly distributed. The result of this light diffusion is a smooth satin look.

Why direct?

There are advantages to direct light, too, though. The car is given a glossy appearance and colour is well replicated in images – at odds to the struggles faced with diffused light, unless more light heads are added.

And there are also practical reasons to opt against diffusing the light. The translucent panels have an initial cost and the wear-and-tear of use means they need replacing over time.