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Video versus dealer360: How to engage potential customers

With our Turntable Pro package, clients can display both still and video images on their websites. However, there is also the additional option of the dealer360 player plugin, which smartly displays 360° imagery – with users able to drag and zoom, controlling their own view of the product. But – with both video footage and…

Our completed showroom

Earlier this year, we brought you some pictures of the progress made on our showroom at our Cheshire offices. We’re delighted to say that the showroom is now up and running! Check out these pictures of the offices, complete with a photographic booth.

How to light a 360° photographic booth

While this is not a definitive specification on lighting a 360° photographic booth, we – at dealer360 – have worked with hundreds of clients over the years with the aim of achieving a suitable environment for capturing high quality images at a high volume. Diffused or direct? Diffused light is where a material is positioned…