What is dealer360?

dealer360 is our inhouse solution that allows you to not only capture high-quality, consistent images but also to display them on your website in a format that allows your potential customers to interact with a vehicle. This, in turn, increases the potential desire to buy as they browse on their computer/tablet/phone.

You capture the images using your booth, we store those images - for an agreed length of time - and provide you with our dealer360 player plugin on your website, allowing your potential customers to view your stock in a new and exciting way. We also provide the option of personalising the appearance of the dealer360 player, with custom buttons setting you apart from the competition.


Exterior 360

Click & Drag, Zoom & Pan, Multi-Layer (doors open/closed)


Interior 360

Click, Drag & Zoom 360 from inside vehicle/room



Simple, effective slider gallery to show extra images


Custom CSS

Integrate your own branding with custom CSS options

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