What size turntable do you need?

What size turntable do you need?

There is a common misconception that biggest is best when it comes to driveway turntables, but different diameters suit different vehicles. For instance, a 6m turntable might not be the best option if it is only to be used with smaller cars. However, we can offer a guide on which of UK Turntables Ltd’s products would best fit your needs.

When measuring up for the required size, it is worth considering that the driveway turntable only needs to accommodate the footprint of the vehicle, not the extremities of the body. Taking this into account, 99% of buyers choose a 4.5m diameter turntable, which, for example, will comfortably hold an extended wheelbase Rolls Royce or a Range Rover.

In fact, for many, a 6m option would not be suitable, as they merely add an unnecessary complication to the process of using a driveway turntable with smaller vehicles. The bigger the turntable, the more difficult it is to position vehicles consistently when you first drive them on.

By contrast, though, any buyer with the need to operate large goods vehicles would, of course, require a bigger product and would generally opt for the 6m turntable, which can accommodate a long wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter.

While the size of the turntable is important, it is also crucial to ensure that there is ample space around the diameter. Regardless of the product size, there needs to be room for overhang from especially large – or poorly positioned – vehicles. We advise that a 4.5m turntable should have an additional minimum clearance distance of 750mm, while a 6m turntable requires 900mm.

One last important note on the size of the driveway turntable, which should ease some worries, is that the weight of the vehicles concerned is immaterial. UK Turntables Ltd’s products are designed to comfortably handle any vehicle that will fit on them, with the exception of heavy plant or military vehicles.