Why use a turntable for photography?

Why use a turntable for photography?

In this digital age, it has never been more important to match the high standards set by your competition. With alternative dealerships just a click away, a smart, smooth online showroom, with clear imagery, is an essential. A photographic turntable from dealer360 is a great place to start.

Whether a company spending money on a dedicated photographer or relying on sales or management staff to take time out of their busy schedules to snap the latest stock, a photographic turntable provides a solution. The money and time spent there can be saved, with dealer360’s product doing the job for you, while images are available almost on-demand. This is a massive time-saver, it is efficient and requires minimal user input. It is very much a non-skilled operation.

The quality of the photography, too, is to an impeccable standard. With a photographic turntable used for all stock, there will be consistency throughout all imagery. The weather, time of year or time of day will have no impact on the product’s capability to produce an unchanging string of superb photographs. Each image will match up to your brand’s standards, with lighting and a professional background – as each car can be pictured individually in a timely manner, there is no need for other stock to be sneaking into shot.

And this applies for videos, too. Far more reliable than a shaky, handheld camera, the videography here is stable. Your customers will not suffer any seasickness as they look to get a closer look at your latest stock with dealer360’s high-quality footage.

When all is done, the images of the vehicles, inside and out, are stored together in one place. It is an easily manageable system that cuts down on time, money and effort at every stage of the process.

There should be no excuse for poor, unprofessional photographs or blurry, rickety videos when a photographic turntable provides all the solutions.